Old Forest Trail Map

Old Forest Loop screenshotWelcome to the Old Forest! When you click here, you’ll be directed to a webpage that maps all the trails of the Old Forest. Here’s how to use it:

To take the interpretive tour of the one-mile Old Forest Loop, with 35 wayfinding points that correspond to the trail markers in the woods, click or tap “Trips.” Then click or tap “Old Forest Loop Trail.” When the map appears, zoom in and click or tap the arrow below each number for interpretive info. Scrolling will allow you to see text, images, and Street View for each of these wayfinding points. Scroll back down to the bottom to go to the next point.

To see a map and information for any of the Old Forest trails, click or tap “Trails.”

To map the entrances to the Old Forest, click or tap “Trailheads.”

Use the arrows and Xs in the main menu to toggle between functions. Hitting the “back” button will take you out of the application entirely.

Click here to go to the map.

Thanks to our partners at OuterSpatial for building this feature for us! We’ll be working in the future to make the functionality more app-like and mobile-optimized.

Prefer a print version?
Download a PDF of the interpretive content.
If you’d like a printed version of the trail map, click here.