Thanks to Our Donors

Rainbow Lake Playground’s transformation would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.  As of September 2013, we have raised $307,220 of our $400,000 goal!  Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this project!

We have less than $100,000 left to raise–and we know you can help us do it.  Make your gift today.

$307,220 of $400,000Thanks to Our Donors 

Anna Acerra (in honor of Caesar & Sadie Acerra)
Bryce & Julie Ashby
Ray & Lydia Babaoglu (in memory of Kemper B. Durand)
Roy Barnes (in memory of George Kessler)
Sara Beahm
Judge Robert Benham
Barbara Blum
Richard & Peggy Bodine
William Boyd
Caron Byrd
Allison Carson
Children’s Foundation of Memphis
City of Memphis
Ashley Coffield
Rep. Stephen Cohen
Ron & Jan Coleman
Mike & Heather Cooley
Samantha & Agustin Crespo
Meg & Scott Crosby
Matthew & Alice Crow
The Daily News
Lisa Daniel
Data Facts, Inc.
David Lusk Gallery
Kelly Dobbins
Lee & Joe Duncan (in honor of George & Bena Cates)
The Eclectic Eye
Mary Ferguson
First Tennessee Foundation (in honor of Jenny & Greg Jardine)
Beth Flanagan
Astrid French (in honor of Lincoln French)
Timothy Fuller
Josh Gettys
Joy & Frank Gilliam
Stacey Greenberg & Warren Oster
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Guarino
Jennifer Hagerman
William & Eleanor Halliday
Thomas & Brenda Hill (in honor of Naomi Van Tol)
Margaret Hubbert
Hyde Family Foundations
James Jalenak
Emily & Rob Jarrett (in memory of Marie Dunn Carter)
Amanda & Stanley Johnson
Chris Kelley
Lauren Kenworthy
Bertha Landau
Karen Lebovitz
Lisa Martin
Brian Martinelli
Stacy McCall
Michael McEniry
Lauren Boggs McHugh
Margaret McLean
Cindy Moore (in honor of Andy P. Cates)
Amy & Steve Mulroy
Nibletz LLC
Rich Olcott (in honor of Mary Wilder)
Mike Palazola (in honor of George Cates and Gary Shorb)
Kate & Chris Peck
Kate Phillips
Charles & Janice Raiteri
Ann Kendall Ray
David Richardson (in honor of Edens and Lockard)
John Ross
Cynthia Saatkamp (in honor of Martha Young and Jennifer Atkins)
Beth Schulwolf
Gary & Glenda Shorb
Kathy & Lacey Smith
Russell Smith
Sunshine Snyder
Paul, Terry, and John Starr (in memory of James and Constance Starr)
Pete & Tina Sullivan
Richard & Ann Sullivan
John Sweazy (in honor of Harlow and Declan Sweazy)
Lauren & Justin Taylor (in honor of Maggie and Parker Taylor)
Kevin & Tanja Thompson
Carol Thorne
Sharon & Edwin Thorpe
Alicja Trout
Alex & Mindy Turley
Henry Turley
Claire & Yousef Valine
Lois & Hubert Van Tol (in honor of Rosa Marie Smith Van Tol)
ViktorHall Construction, LLC
Kristen & Richard Vining
Wagner General Contractors, Inc.
Mike Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Frank White
Melissa & Bill Williams
Kelley Willis
Nancy Willis
Kay Wills
Richard T. Wood, III