Sponsored Items

Chess Tables – Sponsored by Mike Palazola
Hammock Swings – Sponsored by the Children’s Foundation of Memphis
Merry-Go-Round – Sponsored in honor of Citizens to Preserve Overton Park
The Mighty Oak – Sponsored by The Daily News
Pebble Sculpture – Sponsored by First Tennessee Foundation in honor of Jenny & Greg Jardine
The Spiderwebs – Sponsored by AutoZone
Swingsets – Sponsored by Gary & Glenda Shorb
Up & Down & All Around – Sponsored by the Children’s Foundation of Memphis

Available for Sponsorship
Landscaping – Flowers and shrubs for the playground area ($100)
Log Bench – Rustic bench made right here in Memphis from reclaimed wood ($400 each)
Tuned Drums – Musical fun for the kids ($500 each)
Trees – Additional trees to be planted near the playground ($500 each)
“Peabrain” Sculpture (the face who makes noise when rocks are dropped into his head) ($3,000)
Recycling and Trash Receptacles – Bins to keep the playground clean ($1,000 each)
Fencing – Keeping kids safe from traffic ($28,000)
The Big Green Mound – Tunnels, slide, and sand pit for exploration ($40,000)
Wood Carpet Safety Surface – Natural surfacing to replace the pebbles ($50,000)
Concrete Walkways – Resurfacing of paths around the playground ($50,000)