Book a Public Special Event

If you’d like to hold your your next special event or would like to photograph or film at Overton Park, you must obtain a permit from Overton Park Conservancy*.

Before applying, please read the Special Event Permit Guidelines & Procedures.

Special Event Categories
  • Neighborhood/Community Events, Festivals and Concerts
    An event of 25 or more offering a multitude of activities including, but not limited to food booths, musical or stage performances, arts and crafts booths, carnivals, etc. These are hosted by neighborhood and community groups for local involvement (including accredited non-profit organizations).
  • Signature/For-Profit Events
    An event that charges admission and offers activities including, but not limited to festivals, fairs, carnivals, food booths, etc. These are hosted by commercial entities.
  • Commercial Filming and/or Photography
    An activity with the purpose to film, video, or photograph in Overton Park for commercial benefit or promotion.
  • Any events/activities that might impact normal Park usage and include 25 or more people
Special Event Application

*Special events with 25 or more people are also required to obtain a Special Event Permit from the Memphis Police Department.