Overton Park Projects

A small slice of our upcoming projects. For a full project map, visit

Since its inception in December 2011, Overton Park Conservancy has been working to preserve the historical integrity of the park while making it an exciting, fun, and safe destination for all Memphians. Our projects include:

  • The construction of Overton Bark, a 1.3-acre enclosed dog park (completed in June 2012)
  • The addition of restrooms to the Rainbow Lake Pavilion (completed in November 2012)
  • Renovation of the limestone trail through the Old Forest (completed in November 2012)
  • The renovation of Rainbow Lake Playground (completed in June 2013)
  • Installation of a new bike and pedestrian entrance plaza and sculpture on East Parkway (completed in April 2014)
  • The installation of wayfinding signage (completed in November 2015)
  • Installation of three welcome gateways at the entrances to the Old Forest (completed in June 2017)
  • Improvements to park entrances to make them safer and more welcoming (targeted completion: 2018)