Park Maintenance Updates

A running list of known issues in the park so you can stay up-to-date and prepare for your visit. If you spot a maintenance issue in the park, please let us know! Call 901-214-5450 or e-mail

February 2, 2018
An update on the Rainbow Lake Pavilion restrooms: the problem is fairly complex (a leaky pipe, plus a broken valve, plus a shutoff that needs to be located so that the valve can be repaired without cutting off water to every building in the park). We’re working with the City of Memphis and MLGW to get it fixed as soon as possible, but there is no set timetable.

We’re bringing in a port-a-john today, at least for the weekend, and we’ll continue to do that for times that are likely to be busy. Portable toilets are costly to rent, so we don’t want to do so on days when the park will be lightly used. If you arrive at the park and it’s not there, you can visit the restrooms at East Parkway Pavilion or at the golf clubhouse.