Overton Bark

Overton Bark, dog park in Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee

Opened in June 2012, Overton Bark is a dog park for Midtown Memphis and the surrounding area.  This 1.3-acre enclosed dog park borders the Old Forest and the Rainbow Lake Playground.  The area includes water fountains, clean-up stations, and separate areas for large and small dogs.  Rustic log benches provide a natural seating area for people to relax while their dogs socialize.  Overton Bark is open from dawn to dusk each day.

When park users were surveyed prior to the formation of the Overton Park Conservancy, a dog park came up consistently as an amenity that would add tremendous value to the park.  Research from around the country shows that dog parks universally see some of the highest traffic levels in parks, and Overton Bark has proven those statistics true from its first day.

Overton Bark is sponsored by Hollywood Feed, and admission is free.

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