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Overton Park survives and thrives based on the support of the people who love it. At Overton Park Conservancy, we’re well aware that people giving their time, effort, and dollars to the park are doing so because this place means so much to them. We’ve been the beneficiary of so much generosity lately that we […]

Photo by Charles Uffelman

Volunteer Rock Stars

This weekend, the University of Memphis Student Leadership & Involvement council hosted its first Service on Saturday of the fall semester. More than 100 members of U of M fraternities chose to spend their Saturday in Overton Park, thanks to a fantastic effort coordinated by Park Friends and Memphis City Beautiful.  Here are a few […]

Rhodes volunteers

Combating the Kudzu

If you’re reading this anywhere in the Southern United States, you’re bound to be familiar with kudzu. This plant, which is native to Asia, was introduced to the United States as an ornamental plant in 1876.  It was distributed widely as a garden plant, as food for livestock, and as an erosion control aid for […]

Painting Bike Gate

Your Brush With Greatness

The Bike Gate sculpture is truly in the home stretch, and we need you to help push it across the finish line! You may have been following the progress of Tylur French’s Bike Gate sculpture here on our blog (click here for the most recent post).  He’s been priming the bikes and welding them to […]