Latino Memphis Festival

Priceless, whatever the cost

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2016 newsletter. Overton Park is in the spotlight. Recently, a national audience tuned in to see the park featured in the PBS documentary “Ten Parks That Changed America.” The story of the “little old ladies in tennis shoes” who stopped an interstate from being built through a park […]

Andrew Weda and Rose Baker

Meet our Visitor Services Coordinators

It’s clear to Overton Park Conservancy that the most important part of managing a park is creating an excellent visitor experience. That means that from the time you arrive at the park until you leave, you should encounter a clean, beautiful, safe space. You should feel welcome, and your concerns should be heard. Ideally, you […]


An update on mediation and costs

Yesterday’s City Council action does nothing to affect Overton Park Conservancy’s commitment to finding parking and traffic solutions for the park. If anything, it underscored the value of the mediation process, which is being informed by the participation of the community and park partners in the Transportation and Parking Report. That input is invaluable in […]

Traffic patterns for May 7 2016

New traffic patterns for May 7 park events

Want to spend your Saturday enjoying the park instead of sitting in traffic? On a weekend full of park events, Overton Park Conservancy is piloting an event response plan that we hope will make that an easy goal. One of the recommendations from the consultants who prepared our Parking and Traffic Report was to create an event […]


Happy Earth Day, Old Forest

Indulge me while I get a little personal today. Earth Day seems like as good a day as any for me to celebrate my favorite place in Memphis–the Old Forest. In terms of loving nature, I’d call myself a late bloomer. I remember my grandma valiantly trying to teach me the names of the butterflies […]