Bike Gate Paver Map

There are 129 pavers and five benches placed throughout the bicycle and pedestrian plaza, sponsored by members of the community who feel a special connection with the park. Below is a list of inscriptions to help you locate each message. Click the map for a larger image.

Bike Gate paver map - Overton Park


B1. À la douce mémoire de Luc Adrien Prévost / Trés affectueusement/ His Frassinelli Ferguson family
B2. This project funded in part by Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation and Estie and John Sheahan
B3. Donated by Peddler Bike Shop
B4. You’re off to great places, today is your day! / In honor of William WD-40 Pace
B5. Harold & Janice Stamey / 50th Anniversary / 09-07-13


1. For the love of running and biking and the love of Memphis / David, Julie, Edens, Lockard
2. Harahan Bridge Project
3. John Edward Good, Sr. – 2/7/1939 – 4/7/2013 – Somewhere over the rainbow… Mary Anita Bunn
4. Carrie, Ethan, and Kyle Wagenschutz / May the force be with you
5. In honor of the creation of the Old Forest State Natural Area – June 6, 2011 – May it forever grow
6. The Herrods: Shelby and Coleman, Lucy and Wilkes / The Mallorys: Suzy and B. Lee, Aunt Emmy
7. In honor of Ward and Peachie Archer who worked to make Memphis a better place / With love, Louise and John Slater
8. In honor of the Overton Park Conservancy / Wagner General Contractors, Inc. / Happy trails!
9. For the bicycle commuters of Memphis / From Bruce and Gillian Steinhauer
10. Mom and Dad, thank you for taking us on walks and bike rides through this park. You inspired our love of the outdoors! Love, Margaret and Mason
11. In honor of Calley and Lauren Anderson
12. John Edward Good, Sr. – 2/7/1939 – 4/7/2013 – I’ll remember you / Mary Anita Bunn
13. “Lucy” Bransford / The best friend I ever had / You’re still with me on these beautiful trails
14. Dan and Nicola Tupis
15. Debra Bartelli / Derek Jeter / John Kaltner / Mariano Rivera
16. We love our park / Mike and Elizabeth Rodriguez-Chapman / Natalie, Matthew, & Charlie
17. The Eggleston Family
18. Life is like a 21-speed bicycle / Most of us have gears we never use.
19. Johnathan Boswell and Mallory Bader / October 26, 2013
20. Building a better Memphis / We love you Harper Jane Epps / Go Tigers & Dawgs
21. Laura & Michael Halbrook
22. Carrie & David Vaughan / Bennett Marie Vaughan / Lawson Raymond Vaughan
23. In honor of Scott & Kim / “Forever Young” / 9/28/2013
24. The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir / Cameron Sasser & David Maddox
25. Bill Reed
26. Lyn Reed
27. The Lemm Family: Peter, Allison, Adele, and Ellen / Scout and Blue
28. For all the memories and adventures to come… We love Overton Park! Tom, Laura, Jess, Tommy, and Anna Logue
29. William and Linda Reese / 50 Years of Marriage / May 26, 1962 – 2012
30. In honor of Liz and Mary Kores / Given with love by their parents Robert and Katharine Kores
31. For Natchez, Molly, Nikki, Stevie, & Birdie Jennings
32. For our wonderful family / Brittany & Jeremy Clark and our precious grandchildren Asher & Addie Grace Clark / Love, Nana and Dan Dan
33. In honor of Poppy & Doug, who inspire me to run / David
34. In loving memory of Betti Dulberger by Reid, Debra & Jacob Dulberger
35. In honor of Bob Craddock
36. Robert Bader and Romney Grandi
37. The Danley Family: Shannon and Drake, Jack, Buckley, Flash & G.L.
38. Anna Maree
39. For James Thomas Malone who loves this park, from Leigh Galloway Malone who loved him
40. In honor of Rosa, Naomi, and Larry
41. In memory of all those who have shared their time, energy, and money to protect and preserve this wonderful park / Chickasaw Sierra Club
42. The Ghosheh Family / From All About Bikes, LLC
43. In honor of Maxine & Eli / I love the memories we have made in the park! / Love you both so much, Dad
44. Anita & Ray Pohlman
45. In honor of Sara Fraser and Will Fraser, who have always loved parks
46. In honor of Sen. Beverly Marrero & Rep. Jeanne Richardson, Old Forest champions
47. Vicki and Edwards Park
48. Baya, Jameson, and Sadie Hume loved the wildness of the Old Forest and playing in the park
49. Midtown is Memphis! Overton Park is beautiful! Kobie, Bianca, Kayla, and Bryan
50. In honor of the birth of Overton Park Conservancy on January 13, 2012 – Go go go!
51. Riley & Amelia
52. To my favorite cyclists, Hank & Pudge, Hopie & T-Bone, with love from Auntie Tessie
53. Henry Duncan / Doug Duncan / Kristen Duncan
54. Happy days Overton Park / King & Helen Cotton / Jack & Elaine Fulton / Jennifer & Dylan Moran / Scoot & Mr. Itty / David & Madeline Cotton
55. Evergreen Garden Club / 2013
56. Kate, Woods & Miles Ashby always love our park! / Protection of parkland was to be given paramount importance. – J. Marshall
57. The Hudson Family: Will, Hayley, John, Davis, and Farrah
58. Jack and Madelyn Conrad / Happy the man, and happy he alone, he who can call today his own / Love, your family
59. James B. Jalenak Family
60. Traci Anne Leonard with her little brother, Trip, biked here as children, like their mama did when she was a child. / We saved it for you.
61. To my favorite “Ghost Rider” / All my love, Biscuit
62. Buckley Barnett / Cookie Barnett
63. In loving memory of Cordelia McClain Franks / David D. Franks
64. For Ruth Lillian, Axel Felix, and Pearl Jeanne
65. Jancelewicz Family: Tim, Erica, Greyson, and Bennett Price
66. Eddie Good – 2/7/1939 – 4/7/2013 – In that heavenly sight, peace be with you while riding your bike. / Scooter
67. Congressman Steve Cohen
68. Eclectic Eye loves Overton Park!
69. Courtney & Jason Ross / Jacob Alexander Ross / Elizabeth Falls Ross
70. Jardine Barking Circus
71. Here’s to the first seven years of us. May this number pale in comparison to our eternity together. – Ryan & Jessica
72. Bike Memphis! The Sawyers: Jeff, Julie, Luke, Zac, Jake
73. You spoke for the trees, for the trees had no tongues. / Old Forest State Natural Area established June 6, 2011 / Citizens to Preserve Overton Park
74. The Schledwitz Family: Karl, Gail, Kathryn & Karly / Never give up, when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly
75. For our children Grady, Wallace, and Nonie / With thanksgiving for many wonderful times in Overton Park / Bailey and Katy Leopard
76. In memory of Margaret Polk, the Memphis Belle
77. Bikes = Freedom. With love from Carrie, for Tony Brooks, in our 25th year of mutual understanding of each other’s passions and what sets us free.
78. In honor of Morgan Elizabeth Knight from Nana & Dadaw
79. Scott & Robbie McDermott / Louie & Wally / Happy 50th B-Day 2-5-14 / Midtown is Memphis
80. Autozone
81. For Justin, Maggie, and Parker / You have made this park so special to me / Love, Lauren
82. Chris, Chip, Chica, and Sasha Cooper-Williamson
83. In honor of Jack Wallace, who has spent many hours in this park and will continue to do so… Grandma
84. Sara and Harry / We love Overton Park
85. For OPC – Our partners in connecting people by connecting parks. – Shelby Farms Park Conservancy
86. In honor of George E. Cates, who makes our city a better place and delights in the accomplishments of others
87. To run, romp and play / Pat & Tom sure like it 2 / Overton Park is fun! / Argus
88. In honor of Luke, Sadie, and Henry / Given in love by Bill and Margaret
89. In loving memory of Rachel Massey, a beautiful soul / From those who miss her / Lisa and Chrissy / Family and friends
90. In memory of CC (Ras) and Charline Heinz
91. In honor of the Ogle Family / Tiffany & Jim / Macie & Jimmie Mac / Given with love by Pops O
92. In memory of Barbara “Bobbie” Drobeck / Your memories live on in Memphis / Your stories live on in our hearts
93. In celebration of the Overton Park Conservancy / Robert Hollingsworth & Ronnie Gilmer
94. “Nature sustains us; contains us; to this we belong.” – Margaret H. Brooks, a poet of these woods
95. Our little piece of heaven. / Jane Hayden and Luci Jean
96. In memory of Edward J. O’Brien III, who loved Overton Park / Given with love by Dan, Lori, Mary Elise, and Caroline O’Brien
97. To the city of Memphis: may you continue to persevere, progress, and prosper / With hope and admiration, Benjamin Powers
98. In honor of Charlie Newman, for all that you have done to protect the parks of Memphis / Hyde Family Foundations
99. In honor of Gary S. Shorb / Co-Founder of Overton Park Conservancy / A champion for our park
100. In honor of Carroll Ann & Nathan Pera
101. In honor of Richard Beckwith, with thanks for all the beauty he has brought to Memphis / Melanie
102. Larry “Wolfman” Townsend / Dr. Barbara Geater / 2014
103. In honor of our children and the times we’ve spent here: Joseph, Andrew, Apiranee, Augustine / We love you all, Marlinee and Max
104. In honor of Ana Elana Butler, from Nana & Dadaw
105. In wildness is the preservation of the world. / In honour of the Forrest guardians / Jason DouBrava and “Kinzie Gurl”
106. In honor of Wesley Whitaker / With hopes you enjoy Overton Park for years to come / “Uncle” Brian
107. We are proud of you Tylur French! The bike arch is amazing. / We love you so much. Astrid, Sage, Lincoln, and Sterling
108. In honor of Hayward and Barbara Townsend / Given with love by their children Dorian and Chip
109. Many thanks to Revolutions Bike Shop for sharing their vision and generosity towards building a thriving bicycling community in Memphis.
110. With love & support for Overton Park, 2014 / Glen, Shelley, Lyndon & Colin (Ella & Lenny) Thomas
111. We roll tonight to the guitar bite / We salute you / In memoriam for Tod Christian, with love.
112. For sweet Poppy and Auntie Sa-Sa. We love you so much. B+O+N+K
113. Hugs and kisses to Overton Park and the Hampline!!! Love, Wiseacre Brewing Company
114. Midtown is for lovers / J + G / 06/16/2002
115. Don Love and Debbie Korpi / On a journey for all eternity / Ride for Life!!
116. In gratitude and love for Bob & Do Kaiser / Jim and Mary Audrey Apple / Betsy, James, and Abigail Apple / from Jim and Anne Apple
117. Anni and Bill Walker
118. In honor of all officers & volunteers of the MHBC who have tirelessly given their time and support to promote cycling, safety, and fun in Memphis
119. A beautiful passage exists at Overton Park – cheers! – Cali
120. Sunshine
121. In honor of Charles F. Newman, hometown hero
122. For the bicycle commuters of Memphis / From Bruce and Gillian Steinhauer
123. In honor of the visionary men and women who have cultivated and protected this park since 1901. / – Pete and Tina Sullivan
124. Overton Park / Miles and miles run / Memories made / Friendships born for Melanie and Frank White / Scotty and Carolyn Heppel
125. In memory of Sid Selvidge, our beloved “Bop,” who loved to bike / With love from all of his grandchildren and the Self family.
126. Eddie Good – 2/7/1939 – 4/7/2013 – Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep… Scooter
127. “This magnificent tree appeared in my mind / even without leaves its strength was divine” – Thanks to CPOP for saving our magnificent trees
128. In honor of Charles and Jane Hale / Given with love by their children & grandchildren / Charles, William, Edythe, Mary, Laura, and Rose
129. The Lorax has a posse! / Stacey Greenberg, Warren Oster, Satchel Greenberg-Oster, Jiro Greenberg-Oster