Give Your Feedback on Greensward/Parking Proposal

Aerial concept drawingIt’s time to weigh in! Yesterday, the Powers Hill Design team presented the Parking Steering Committee with three initial proposals for a reconfiguration of the Zoo’s parking lot. Those proposals are now live on the City’s website at, but you can also click the links below:

What am I looking at?
Concepts X, Y, and Z present three options for adding the City Council-mandated 415 spaces to the Zoo’s parking lots. There are similarities among each of the three concepts:

  • In each concept, the Prentiss Place parking areas are expanded within their existing footprint, surrounded by a green buffer on three sides.
  • Around the main parking lot, there is a “ring road” that will assist with traffic flow and queuing.
  • The footprint of the main lot does not encroach past the ridgeline that separates the Zoo’s current lot from the Greensward.
  • Each concept addresses the need to preserve the majestic tree specimens on the site and incorporates green infrastructure to address drainage and break up the visual plane of asphalt.

The differences among the plans are related to the layout of the parking spaces, as well as access and amenities for pedestrians.

How do I provide feedback?
Use this link to complete a survey with your opinions. The goal is to gather input on the following components:

  1. User preferences when visiting amenities in the Project Area
  2. Design Elements
  3. Concept Plans

We encourage you to list what you like and don’t like about all three options, as the final plan will likely be a combination of the best elements of all three designs. If the survey form does not allow you to provide complete feedback, please e-mail the remainder of your comments to Feedback from both the survey and e-mails will be reviewed by the design team. Please provide your comments by Monday, November 20.

After the Powers Hill team has reviewed and incorporated feedback, they will release an updated concept proposal, and the community will again be asked to provide comments.

We want to thank you again for your many contributions to this project. The information that park and Zoo visitors have shared with the design team (which can be viewed on the City’s website) has been incredibly valuable to the design process. There’s no substitute for the knowledge shared by frequent users of the space, and we appreciate you taking the time to participate in this process.

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