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Future member of the tree trail

Nuts and Bolts

Time to open up the ol’ Overton Park mailbag and answer a few questions! I’ve seen some pretty big trees coming down near Memphis College of Art. What’s going on? City of Memphis crews are taking down a few mature trees this week that are seriously decayed. You might remember that last year, a large […]

Cycling in the Old Forest

What is a healthy forest?

We know that many of you love walking, running, biking, or just reflecting in the Old Forest State Natural Area. It’s a different place depending on the season of the year, and you never know what sort of interesting plant or animal life you’ll see on your visit. It’s a place that has been treasured […]

Scarlet tanager

Notes from Spring Bird Migration

After spending the winter getting to know the cold-weather residents of the Old Forest, I had even more fun watching spring slowly arrive. The wildflowers put on their dazzling show, changing the browns and grays of winter into bold hues of yellow, green, and purple. And the birds quickly followed suit–bright orange, yellow, and red […]

Valeria's Wings

Thanks for making merry with us!

The nearly 2,000 park visitors who came to our second annual Day of Merrymaking festival this weekend got to enjoy everything from canine feats of strength to a giant water slide to drinks straight out of a pineapple, and we are so glad you all chose to spend your day with us!  We got to […]