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Levitt Shell

Stories: A Few Vignettes

The Overton Park Stories program continues, and we have a few fun vignettes to share with you today.  Remember, we’re accepting all kinds of stories–short or long, verbal or written, words or photos.  Get in touch! We’re also excited to announce that we’re partnering with the Memphis and Shelby County Room at the Benjamin L. […]

View from the top of The Big Green Mound

Rainbow Lake Playground May Update

So…we’re a little late getting out the most recent update on playground construction because, well, you know.  This happened.  A lot. With a couple of weeks of nonstop rain, construction on Rainbow Lake Playground has had to slow down or stop for days at a time.  With no shelter on the job site, crews not only […]


StoryWalk Debuts at East Parkway

Can you walk and read at the same time?  This is the question asked by The StoryWalk® Project, and the answer is an emphatic yes.  Now Overton Park is home to one of these special installations, which encourage kids to read while being active. The quarter-mile trail that surrounds the East Parkway Playground is lined with […]