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Pileated woodpecker

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

Overton Park is full of beautiful old trees.  Many specimens in the Old Forest State Natural Area are estimated to be over 200 years old.  But it’s not just old trees that are subject to falling during a wind or thunderstorm event–young trees that aren’t structurally sound can fall at any time too.  On the […]

Early pavilion in Overton Park

Stories: Jack Borg

My grandfather, Prof. George Pfaff, sponsored a party and dance one evening at the open pavilion that was across the street from the present “Doughboy” statue in Overton Park. The year was about 1917. As they danced, ballroom style, his daughter, Caroline, met and took a fancy to a tall young man who was a […]

Tree stump sandbox

Rainbow Lake Playground March Update

The wet weather continues, but construction at Rainbow Lake Playground is still moving along nicely.  ViktorHall Construction crews are matching the pebble textures of the paths around the playground, finalizing the underground drainage system, and waiting on fencing to arrive.  They anticipate that their next big project will be building the wooden climbing structure. Meanwhile, […]