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Tylur French & Naomi Van Tol

Building a Bike Gateway, Part 2

Follow along as Overton Park Conservancy and our community partners work to build a bicycle-pedestrian connection at the Sam Cooper/East Parkway entrance to the park.  Part 1 is here. When we last checked in with Tylur French, he was collecting bikes for the sculpture that will soon greet visitors to the East Parkway entrance of […]

Holly Guthrie

Stories: Holly Guthrie

Holly Guthrie owns and operates Hollywould Fitness, which holds a bootcamp in Overton Park three days a week.  I’ve lived near Overton Park for close to 20 years, 13 years now in the Evergreen Historic Neighborhood.  Like so many, Overton Park is my sanctuary.  I can’t imagine living in Memphis without having this park as my “go […]

Mourning cloak butterfly

Butterfly Wings in Spring

Last week I was walking along the Old Forest trail when an unusual tree caught my eye.  If you walk the trails frequently, you’ve probably noticed it: it’s been completely enveloped in rattan vine, and the tree bark has squeezed up over the surface of the vines.  I could indelicately term it the “muffin top […]