Archive | February, 2013
Viktor Hall crew

Rainbow Lake Playground February Update

Things are continuing to come together at Rainbow Lake Playground, despite some wet weather throughout February.  Crews from ViktorHall Construction have continued to work on the underground drainage system, as well as reconfiguring the entrance gates using the existing stone from the playground wall. Coming up soon, they’ll begin to dismantle the equipment that’s currently […]

Privet debris

Your Burning Park Questions…Answered!

It seems like there’s always something going on in Overton Park.  Right now we have construction at Rainbow Lake Playground, some lovely blooms beginning to show at the formal gardens, and tons of activity at Overton Bark.  But what about some of the other things you might have noticed?  You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. […]

Barbara Taylor

The Other Memphis Belle

Overton Park was already home to a tribute to the Memphis Belle, with a monument in Veterans Plaza honoring both the famous plane and the woman who inspired it, Margaret Polk.  This week, a different kind of memorial was added just a few steps away, with the planting of three ‘Memphis Belle’ deciduous holly trees. […]